Mat Balez

Mat Balez is a NYC-based Product Management executive.

Mat Balez is a Tech Entrepreneur and Product Leader. 

Mat co-founded Cityblock Health in 2016—a Brooklyn-based healthtech startup that is building a scalable solution to address the root causes of health for underserved urban populations with complex needs. He served as Cityblock's Chief Product Officer for the company's first 2.5 years of operation—running its Product Management, Engineering and Design functions—and led the development of Commons, Cityblock's flagship care delivery platform.

Before Cityblock, Mat served as VP of Product at Flatiron School, where he helped make programming education more accessible by launching, the school's collaborative online learning platform for training employable developers. With a focus on outcomes-driven education, Flatiron was the first coding bootcamp to publish an independently-verified jobs report as well as the first in the industry to offer a job guarantee. Flatiron School was acquired by WeWork in October 2017. 

Prior to his time at Flatiron, Mat spent six years in Product Management at Google where he helped scale up Google Maps for mobile to hundreds of millions of users, helped implement the first personalized local search algorithms and helped bring Google Glass to market.

Early in his career, Mat co-founded a technology consultancy that built healthcare decision-support software using Monte Carlo simulation and linear optimization models. He got his start in Product Management in 2007 helping to launch Defensio—a web-security platform that was later acquired by Forcepoint

With more than a decade's experience designing, building and shipping web-scale software as a Product Manager on large, geographically dispersed, interdisciplinary teams, Mat wants to help train the next generation of product leaders. His post about the profession—Product Manager, You Are... a janitor, essentially—has been  read by nearly 100K aspiring PMs and is now included on the reading lists of Product Management courses around the world, including Stanford's Graduate School of Business.

Mat holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Queen's University and a M. Sc. in Healthcare Operations Research from the Smith School of Business

He lives with his wife and family in West Vancouver, British Columbia.

He can be reached at: